Wraak Tovenaark

Hey guys, working on the villain for my personal project, hes just still a bit too cliche for me, im hoping you guys can crit it up and throw some suggestions to help me spawn some new ideas. Heres a bit of back story

Black sheep brother of the king, alchemist, practitioner of dark arts, etc. He lost his right arm and melted the side of his face in an alchemical accident. He uses the limb of a summoned demon he has under his control, an animal horn chalice contains an elixer that gives him the strength to subdue this demon for limited amounts of time.... sooo he wants to over throw the kingdom, kill his brother, all that good stuff, ill add more when i remember it. Heres some sketches of him, old to new.

Anything you can offer is appreciated, thanks!



couldnt stay focused, ended up drawing random things instead of working on what i should be....any tips?


small update

a work in progress, and some more class sketches. Bonus points if you can ID the two misfits at the bottom. (Hint: EXCELLENT!)


Jury Duty

spent the day at the LA courthouse today... at least i had my laptop and a sketchbook...and i didnt get assigned to a trial...whewwww