rock study

inspired by some of the crazy guildwars 2 artists


Humid Dungeon

a quick one, but fun to paint


Caladan Arrival Gate

this weeks sketch for class...feels like its allllmost there



I pretty much slay with this guy in 3rd strike...


Dune evironment sketch

not as finished as id like it to be, but heres my work from my CDA environment class, very fun and informative so far, i shouldve been taking these way sooner!



Pirate sketch

Capt. Piranha Harpoon Arm!



Not done yet, but i figure now is a good time to get some feedback before i go any further... needs more epicness!


keepin it loose

did a couple of sketches tonight, really working on staying loose, fighting that pesky urge to zoom in and detail...


figures, co workers

I couldnt think of a cool title for this one. Just some 5 minute poses and some co workers. The most fun part of people sketching is successfully not getting caught. Ive developed little tricks to seem as inconspicuous as possible. I should totally become a secret agent!


stereoscopic test!

my first experiments with stereoscopic images. (google if you havent done it before)
Pretty interesting! I might try a few more...



half asleep end of nighter

Ill try to go back and finish it up.
Ive been inspired by alot of work online lately, trying to experiment more and see if I cant push past my same usual habits. Also trying to get better about painting in my non-work time, no matter how tired i may be! ...We'll see how this goes...


robo G

A few weeks ago the talented Ji Kim and I did a simultaneous collaboration in OpenCanvas. The result was an amalgamation of awesome, if you will. Included as a bonus feature is an end of the night sketch that i probably wont finish. Still, free stuff is free stuff!


figure drawing!

Another fun night after work with the ole ballpoint pen.


Visitor Docking Bay on NovaTokyo 6

still workin on it... any suggestions? Crit it up!


Mechanical Man

Spent a couple hours in good ole photoshop last night.


Mothers Day

Make sure to thank your wonderful mothers for putting up with your ass. This one is for my wonderful momma


Demon Demo

Did a demo tonight for some talented guys at Art Institute! Just started scribbling till I saw something. A fun night indeed!


figure painting 0409

Had a long pose for figure drawing tonight, it was so much fun! I still dont feel brave enough to break out the real paints again...


Bower Power

research trip to the Bowers Museum! Always a cool place to go.


Balpherion 6

I dunno what that means but its a good name for the city i suppose. Just sat down tonight and started scribbling, my mission was to try and stay loose...ish. and now, sleep.


Back again, some random end of the day/start of the day scribbling, a blob-mobile racer and a cute girl :p Next up: Dominance War!


Sketched a couple o heads last night, I gotta start thinking about this Dominance War thing... Hopefully I can manage my time efficiently and come up with something cool...


custom brushin

played with a custom brush tonight, got some neat results!


more meeting madness

Any likeness to persons living or dead is of course purely coincidental!


Life drawing once again! Started out really frustrating till I just gave up on making it look good, and just started putting down lines. By the time I started feelin it, it was time to go. Maybe next week...


Late night adventures with the lasso tool


more figure drawing at work! Im really glad they have this, Its something I plan on doing as much as possible. poses were 2-5 minutes.


Zenitha Stardust

Im really bad at drawing women, so tonight i wanted to try to paint a woman, ended up staying up later than i should have :| ah well at least im painting.


a sketch from last night, trying to work on my color sense, my work feels stale lately.
*edit: thumbnail is acting whacky...click to see full image*


just felt like painting some trees.


Morning meetings, the perfect way to warm up the wrist!


A few weapon designs I did in the summer of 07, while interning at High Moon Studios. It was a great experience.