Just felt like doing a version of Frankenstein, to get into the Holiday Spirit!


Robots, Giant heads

I was rather productive last night! By that I mean I painted alot, still didnt take the trash out...


Oil study

Haven't held a brush in a while!


Leyendecker Study

About 2 hrs before bed. I actually learned and was reminded of quite a few things doing this study, I think Ill do another...


The Grapevine

This was ingrained into my brain after my drive from LA to SF, so I thought id get it out on paper.


another movie study

This time i was very consciously trying to restrict and group my values. You can never do too many film studies, if you ask me.


Stego sketchin

A sketch I started not long ago, a dino that I may or may not add a rocket launcher to later, we shall see...


Redhead study

Keepin busy! Decided I wanted to do a female study, sometimes I like just going back to the basics. Ive got a ton of sketchbook stuff that i think ill start sharing soon, might as well, right?


Gnomon Demos

Subbed for Kevin Griffith at Gnomon today, it was my first time seeing the classrooms over there. Very tiny space but they manage to get it all crammed in there. These demos were done over 3 hours, just showcasing my workflow, and talking a bit about design, using reference, etc.


Goblin Death Knight

Im back! A new wave of World of Warcraft trading cards were released, so heres my Goblin Death Knight from that set. This one was another battle, but i think in the end i was able to wrassle it into submission. One day id like to just paint something, and have it effortlessly come out just how i saw it in my foggy head. Does that ever happen?


The Grim Reaper

Deaths bell warns of his arrival


It Came From Outer Space

This was a topic from the ole monday night sketchgroup...Commander Blasto is distracted by what appears to be a martian space rabbit...


Interior Demo

Heres an interior demo done for my class at LCAD. Its always nerve wracking drawing in front of a crowd, fortunately I kept the tears to a minimum!


The Casting Archon

A tribute to Tasteless and Artosis, starcraft casting ballers. http://www.gomtv.net


Eyyyy Taxi!

Started this at about 1am. I told my self id only sketch for an hour or so...here i am 3 hours later.



Trying to keep the art momentum going! I just wanted to spew something quick before bed, and spew I certainly did.


New Zealand Sketchbookin

So as I said before, I was on a much needed vacation off to New Zealand. While I was there, I did a lil bit of sketching whenever i could. Its a lot of real random crap, but I figured, why not expose myself to the interwebs (not like that), and bear my dirty sketchbook pages. So this post will be REAL and RAW like the REAL WORLD! Thanks for looking!


Farseer Nobundo

Done for the World of Warcraft TCG, "Crown of the Heavens"

PS: sorry about the quiet blog lately! Ive just returned from a much needed vacation. The batteries are fully charged!


If I was a wizard

The sketch group topic this week was "Wizard's Familar". If I was a wizard, my familiar would be my enemy's head in a jar, kept alive by magic. He would be forced to help me, give me advice, teach me spells. I could also throw or punt him, if needed.