The Casting Archon

A tribute to Tasteless and Artosis, starcraft casting ballers. http://www.gomtv.net


Eyyyy Taxi!

Started this at about 1am. I told my self id only sketch for an hour or so...here i am 3 hours later.



Trying to keep the art momentum going! I just wanted to spew something quick before bed, and spew I certainly did.


New Zealand Sketchbookin

So as I said before, I was on a much needed vacation off to New Zealand. While I was there, I did a lil bit of sketching whenever i could. Its a lot of real random crap, but I figured, why not expose myself to the interwebs (not like that), and bear my dirty sketchbook pages. So this post will be REAL and RAW like the REAL WORLD! Thanks for looking!