Dragon Weaver: An Adventure in Progress

A few weeks back I was invited to join up on a great side project involving a few of my co-workers here at Blizzard, as well as other talented individuals in the entertainment field. As soon as I saw a few sketches and test animations, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. "Dragon Weaver" tells the story of our hero Hiroshi,and the trials and tribulations he endures in his quest to learn who he really is, the legendary Dragon Weaver!

I don't want to give too much away yet, but the story is really fun. Its going to be a hybrid of 3d animation and comic book styled panel sequencing, think something along the lines of that great Metal Gear Solid interactive comic that Ashley Wood had done. My buddies on this team are true pros in every sense of the word, so this story just reeks of potential, and Im so glad to be involved!

Heres a paintover i did based on Josh Singh's model of Hiroshi, designed by the creator and founder, Brad Marques. Ill be acting as Concept Director for the project, essentially just trying to make these characters look as bad ass as possible, which wont be hard, given the people Im workin with here.

SO! I urge you all to check out the Toon Sushi Blog, where we have little snippets of whats to come. You can get a feel for what were aiming for here, I really cant wait to see it all come together...


Josh Smith said...

Hey man, great work, I love the character... what happened to the ToonSushi blog though? Blogger says it doesn't exist.

jason hazelroth said...

love that top piece. the proportions are so much fun and the composition really displays his character I feel